Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looking around

  • While riding my bike the other day, I saw a line snaking around a shoe store.  Sure enough, the line was full of NAMs.  What were they waiting for?  Probably some new Jordan sneakers.  While whites protest outside, NAMs wait in line outside to buy overpriced sneakers.  Caveat emptor.  I wonder how many of them are on welfare.  This is value transference.  By selling NAMs overpriced sneakers, Nike is being an oppressive racist evil corporation.  They should start an affirmative action shoe selling program, where NAMs pay less than whites for the same shoes.   I guess when you are poor and want to show off your status, you buy Jordan basketball shoes since you can't afford SWPL.  
  • White people eating salad with chopsticks.  SWPL is real.  
  • I see a bunch of stereotypical black youths gangsta walking around the mall.  Before I can become an angry racist, I crimestop and tell myself, "they are just a bunch of upstanding young men".  When I walk out the mall, I spot them again.  This time one of them is gyrating like only a black person can whooping and pissing on a car while the other two chuckle and hoot.  Crimestop failed.  Damn.  

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