Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diversity in Firefighting

They spent almost $1 million in taxpayer dollars on achieving diversity in the fire department and failed.  Incredibly, the new initiatives managed to decrease diversity.

"Incredibly, for this overly expensive process, the citizens of Austin received a hiring process of questionable validity and one of the least diverse classes, overall, when compared to other AFD hiring processes over the last 10 years," Nicks said.

I for one, don't care what color a firefighter is as long as HE fights fires.  I don't understand why there is a need for female firefighters since once they become chief they will do stupid things like waste lots of money to increase diversity. There should be no such thing as a "policewoman" or women in the military for that matter.  These professions should by all means be exclusively male.  Having women in traditionally male professions distorts the social structure of male-female relations and undermines the cohesiveness of society.

The plus side of the war against white men in traditionally white male professions is that I'll receive preferential treatment when I apply in the name of diversity.

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  1. Women are not suitable for fire fighting and even for the military. Women must be feminine, and feminine women really do not want to do jobs like that. The reason behind this is feminism. Almost all of feminists are non feminine and they want to complicate the natural sexuality. By including women to jobs like fire fighting they can easily do that.