Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perry Irony

While discussing politics(a realm where I now seldom make any controversial remarks and just pretend to be liberal), a person I know who is a President of the Future Farmers of America chapter, a leader in a Christian organization, and also aspires to attend Rick Perry' alma mater candidly told me in a distinct Texan drawl, "Damn that stupid Rick Perry and those Bible Thumpers".

I think it was an attempt to impress me, but I was far more amused than impressed and I stared incredulously at the individual for several moments who did not seem to notice the irony of the situation.  

Abercrombie and Fitch Diversity Overkill

Ever since A/F was hit several years ago with a rash of lawsuits involving diversity, they have capitulated without a whimper to the diversity police.  But the extent to which they have "embraced diversity" is stunning and borderline comical in nature.  Better safe than sorry I suppose. Just look at all the handsome young POCs who work for us!  At least A/F hasn't embraced weight diversity, as far as I can tell.  I have yet to see a fat person working at A/F.  Maybe fat people don't apply to A/F at all because they think it will be impossible for them to get a job on the floor where they will be seen.  Some fat ugly multiracial transsexual person should apply to A/F and then file a lawsuit just to watch A/F cower in the face of the diversity police.


Since the start of the initiative, we have seen marked improvement in the diversity of our in-store staff. We continue to work at this and other aspects of our initiative, but here are a few key facts as of April 30th, 2010 that we are proud of.
  • Our in-store workforce, as a whole is 50.22% people of color
  • Our in-store models are 48.44% people of color
  • Our in-store managers-in-training are 41.04% people of color
In order to drive the initiative forward each and everyday, a number of our associates – at Home Office, across stores and in our Distribution Center – are actively involved in leading the work.
  • Executive Diversity Council – a leadership group mostly comprised of Senior Vice President’s and above from a cross-section of business units, including: Human Resources, Store Operations, Sourcing and our Swiss office are charged with providing support for the initiative company-wide.
  • Stores Diversity Council – a stores specific leadership group, comprised of District Managers and Recruiters are charged with auditing and implementing our initiative at the store level.
  • Distribution Center Diversity Council – a distribution center specific leadership group that is represented by Human Resource leaders and line managers and charged with implementing our strategy across our distribution facilities.
 I didn't know "people of color" made up 50% of America.  Pretty soon A/F will look like the post office. Perhaps A/F is already preparing for future demographic shifts?  I don't shop at A/F because it is overpriced and unfashionable.  In addition, the stench of perfume that emanates from every store is nauseating.  I was coming up from a subway station once when I identified the A/F smell and sure enough there was one 800 yards away.  I do, however, like to wear Hollister jeans (until they redesigned them this year with buttons instead of the zipper, BAD IDEA that I attribute to "increasing diversity").  The majority of my shopping is done at Uniqlo, which needs to stop doing the conservative Japan thing and start opening stores in all major US cities instead of concentrating efforts in NYC.  I just can't wear Uniqlo Jeans since they are clearly not intended for use by people with muscular legs.

Why are Asian American Christian Women Superior?

Evangelical Christianity is on the rise in Asian America.  The presence of Asian Americans in evangelical Christianity is especially noticeable at elite universities.  Campus Crusade for Christ at Yale is 90% Asian (link offers some credible explanations for why Asians love Jesus though the "racially hostile" atmosphere one is unlikely).  White bread evangelicals scanning the student activities listings are in for a surprise when they pick a ethnically-neutral organization such as Agape Campus Ministry only to find themselves smelling the aroma of Bulgogi and meeting all five Peter Wong's.  White Christians will find themselves in a quandary-does brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ supersede race and ethnicity?  Some will find acceptance and a home among the Asians while others will sour at the taste of kimchi and look elsewhere for to fulfill their spiritual needs.

The Jew blogger Half Sigma is fond of deriding evangelicals for their stupidity--but Asian evangelicals at elite universities are anything but stupid.  In fact, because they are held to higher standards when it comes to admissions, it is likely that Asians are the smartest race on campus.  I know many Asian evangelicals at good schools who are smart enough to maintain a 3.7+ GPA in engineering yet dumb enough to believe that Jesus really rolled himself out of the grave.

The vast majority of Asian Christians subscribe to a conservative evangelical theology even if they do not attend an evangelical Church.  Many Korean Americans belong to the leftist organization known as Politically Correct USA (PCUSA), but I have yet to meet one who is an adherent of liberal Christianity (of the Borg kind).  When is the last time you met an Asian Episcopalian?  That is what I figured.  I visited an Episcopal ministry on campus once and it was literally like attending a KKK meeting (not that I've ever been to one).  During my visit, I had the uncomfortable feeling that everyone there (though nice) was wondering why the hell I was even there.  I felt more comfortable at an MCC service despite being an ardent opponent of homosexuality (though I think the people congregation probably thought that I was gay like them and that was why I came to the service, so they were nice to me, uh maybe a little too nice).  Of course it gives me great to pleasure to know that the Episcopal ministry is probably self-flagellating themselves over their lack of diversity(which is unlikely to get any better) and bemoaning their dwindling numbers of khaki and polo wearing rich white kids who are lost to the paradise/hell of Greek Life.

Back to the point.  We know now that there exist large numbers of Asian American evangelical Christians (AAECs) on elite college campuses.  How this phenomenon came about is not of great concern to me.  But what is of interest to me is the potential that can be found in the female half of this particular demographic.  PUAs looking for quick lays will not find much here, but if you are looking for a good long-term mate prospect than an AAEC campus organization or Church is an excellent place to go.  Why are AAEC women superior?

  • Virginity.  Sociologist Mark Regnerus found that 84% of Asian-Americans teenagers who attend Church weekly are virgins.  The argument can be made that this demographics collective cherries are popped upon arrival at University leading to rarer incidence of virginity.  But wait!  This statistic includes both Orientals (who have greater sexual restraint and are more repressed) and dumber looser groups of people.  If we only look at Orientals, it is possible that the virginity rates could be much higher.  Then you have to take into account the fact that the Orientals who are smart enough to get into an elite school probably spent most of their high school lives studying and playing violin under their parents watchful eye so time for fooling around was scarce at best.  I would estimate virginity rates for single AAECs in college and post-college at somewhere between 875% and 90%, with higher figures at elite schools,  which is a great figure, considering how sexually liberal America is.  Yes, I do place a high value on virginity.  I am indifferent between a 6 virgin and an 8 non-virgin.  
  • Submissiveness.  Evangelical Christianity (more specifically, Southern Baptists) vouch for the complimentarian view of the sexes subordinating women to men.  Southern Baptists do the right thing by excluding women from leadership roles.  This is part of the reason why Evangelical Christianity is growing.  No one wants to go to a Church where the presiding Bishop is female and other male Bishops are actively sucking dick.  Conservative Christian values magnify the inherently submissive nature of AAEC women.  
  • Intelligence.  This is mostly applicable at elite schools.  Sure you can reproduce with the cute waitress at the Chinese restaurant you like to get your Chow Mein at but then your offspring stands a greater chance of not being able to follow in your footsteps.  Reproducing with smart women is preferable as it increases the likelihood of smart children.  Imagine a Harvard couple's children.  Not only are they likely to be smart, they get double legacy when they apply to Harvard (which cancels out the disadvantage of being Asian)!
  • Environment.  This is not so much related to AAEC women as it is to the competitive environment in which they are to be found.  Many AAEC men are timid omega losers who play Starcraft and put women on the pedestal because they think it is "the Christian thing to do" (not the Starcraft, but the pedestal).  They don't understand the best way to win is disrespect and respect, but even if they do take the pedestal off, most of them would look stupid so there is not much point to it.  A normal and decent looking guy with even a hint of game will have a diverse array of options to chose from.  
  • Beauty.  The Church has a bountiful supply of beauty.  
  • Conservative values.  AAEC women are unlikely to be radical male hating feminists though they may actually believe in the merits of diversity (who doesn't these days).  But most of them are socially conservative, which is a trait I find highly desirable.  They do not dress like whores, smoke like men, or prance around clubs drunkenly grinding.  This is sinful behavior that God frowns upon.   
This information is intended for the use of Asian men only.  I am firm believer in racial purity.  Despite what you may think, white males infected with yellow fever are NOT WELCOME to fish for women at AAEC congregations.  Yes, the omega Asians will be nice to you, but once the chick pouching begins, don't even think about challenging them in a game of Starcraft since I am sure that they will punish you there.  

The prior discussion applies mostly to the elite university setting but can be adapted with minor modifications to state universities or even the young professional world.  In any case, AAEC women are superior.  

DISCLAIMER.  I am not a Christian. I do go to Church because of the mating opportunities.  This makes me a sociopath :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make the Math SAT harder

Yan Shen, the pro-Asian nuisance who has made a name for himself over at Sailer's and Mangan's, believes that making the Math SAT more difficult will only serve to widen the Asian-white gap.  I agree.

The Math SAT is ridiculously easy.  I made a near-perfect score with little preparation and I wouldn't call myself much of a math whiz.  While I breezed through the Math SAT, I always struggled when it came to contests like the AMC.  My classmates whose performance was much higher on these tests (and there were a lot of them) had similar scores to mine on the SAT.

The vast majority (99.99%) of American primary and secondary schools do not provide students with an adequate mathematics education.  I believe that if whites were subjected to comparable levels of mathematics training then they would score much higher on the Math SAT.  However, this would take time away from socially productive activities such as Football, Baseball, and Cheerleading and turn whites into boring grinds with no personalities like Asians so it is probably not a good idea.  Just kidding, I really do believe that American schools can improve the quality of math education with more drilling.  Someone at education school needs to conduct a study to find out if extensive quantities of math drilling improves math test scores (if you know of such a study, please link!). They need it too, as math (and sciences as well, to a certain extent, provided you do not go to one of those Christian schools that liberals warn you about) is one subject that is relatively immune to the infiltration of political agendas.  What they teach as US History these days is painful to listen to.

Hurt and Offended

The chancellor of Cal chimes in condemning the horrific actions of the College Neo-Nazis.
The Principles of Community are not about political positions. They require a consciousness of the potential effect of words or deeds on others: a positive intent not to hurt, offend, or denigrate others while expressing a reasoned position. Regardless what policies or practices one advocates, careful consideration is needed on how to express those opinions. The issue is not whether one thinks an action is satirical or inoffensive, the issue is whether community members will be intentionally – or unintentionally – hurt or demeaned by that action. The same applies to the way we interact with each other, whether academically, professionally, or socially.
In other words, if people of the correct political positions (and especially those in protected groups) are in anyway offended or hurt by incorrect political positions then there is a problem.  We live in a world where offense must be limited at all costs because what matters most are feelings.  Humans are emotional beings, therefore emotions (and feelings) take precedence over logic and empiricism.  Truth claims must be evaluated holistically rather than objectively in order to minimize inevitable suffering. Take for example Paul Gilroy (having read his books for class, I have concluded that he is an atrocious writer) who made this statement in response to the flagrantly offensive blog entry posted by his colleague, Satoshi Kanazawa.
If he announces that he thinks sub-Saharan Africans are less intelligent than other people, what happens when they arrive in his classroom?
 The idea that races differ in innate intelligence is deeply disturbing to Mr. Gilroy who presumes that such statistical abstractions will hurt the precious feelings of the sub-Saharan Africans who arrive in his classroom.  Perhaps Mr. Gilroy underestimates the intelligence of black students, maybe they are smart enough to be able to understand statistics without having their feelings hurt.  I provide here an outline of the correct rational  though process.

Truth claim is put forth.  Is it offensive to victim groups or even suggests the notion of inherent inequality (which is a subset of offensiveness since inequality is offensive)?  If yes, then automatically presume that such a claim is de facto invalid because the progressive nature of truth requires it to be non-offensive and equal in nature (or at the very least, offensive to victim groups) and then employ apologetic reasoning to defend the position .  We are working in a framework where perfection of humanity (the ultimate truth) and love (Jesus is Love) must be maximized.

Isn't the world a great place to live in?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fat People

In case you haven't noticed, Doug Christie is FAT, which makes him unsuitable to be POTUS.

I don't like fat people or the idea of fatness and would very much enjoy a world without fat people (though since this is not likely to happen I would of course settle for a world without fat women).  That is not to say that some higher authority should go out and commit genocide on fat people.  Fat people should be ashamed of being fat and be motivated to lose weight.  Of course some people are just naturally fat just like some people are naturally unattractive but that doesn't excuse them from my discriminating eyes.  For most people, you can stop being fat just like you can stop being gay.  So stop reading my blog and get out there and exercise you fatty!

Thoughts on Affirmative Action Bake Sale

The College Republicans at Berkeley have stirred up a political storm by holding an affirmative bake sale, a not uncommon satirical political action.  Frankly, I have very little confidence in the people that call themselves “College Republicans” at elite universities (I imagine the situation must be quite different in more conservative parts of the nation).  Most of these kind folks have all but capitulated to the liberal agenda and can only back-peddle furiously when faced with accusations of racism, sexism, etc.  Issues such as the legality and morality of homosexuality, the benefits of diversity, have faded into the background as these so called “conservatives” gleefully buy into the liberal framing of political issues not realizing that by doing so they have thrown up the white flag. 
Therefore I was not at all surprised to find this pitiful defense offered up by the president of the College Republicans at Cal, Shawn Lewis. 

Event organizers received numerous threats on Facebook, and some of the group’s members changed their names and profile pictures. “This event was not organized by a bunch of white guys,” Mr. Lewis said. “We’re not racists.” The group’s 10-member board of directors includes several Asians and a Latino, he said, and more than half the board members are women.

The implication here is that if the event was somehow organized by a “bunch of white guys” (fraternities) then it would consequently be very racist and wrong.  Mr. Lewis points to the diversity of his board as if its diverse nature makes his defense more credible (it doesn’t, it just makes liberals laugh), a stellar example of buying into the progressive framing of diversity=strength=doubleplusgood.  A proposition is either valid or invalid; the diversity of the messenger(s) is irrelevant, though Mr. Lewis, having been conditioned to a certain diverse state of mind, believes otherwise, or in any case is too much of a coward to suggest otherwise. 

And as many others have pointed out, why the hell is white bread more expensive than Asian bread? 

To make this event even tastier, I would have sold European pastries (yum), Asian pastries (yum, dim sum anyone?), Mexican pastries (yum, pan dulce), and dirt cakes (gross) or injera (ok).  Of course this wouldn’t be possible if the College Republicans were all stupid white males.  Good thing they have diversity. 

                                                              $1.50 (in San Francisco Chinatown!)
$2.00 (only problem is that white people don't eat white bread because it is white and unhealthy)


$.75 (dirt cakes alone is just too cruel but then again I am an evil person)

As for what I think about the whole affirmative action issue as it applies to (elite) higher education?  I really don’t care one way or the other, all I really want is transparency.  Some people would like to believe that being diverse makes you a sure-thing in the admissions game, but it’s more random than anyone can imagine.  Take a look at the new US News with the college rankings and you will find a profile of a female African-American prospective mechanical engineer with high test scores who did not gain admission to Stanford or Duke (but is going to MIT).  Maybe she didn’t write about being oppressed by The Man and confused the admissions officers?  I suppose that US News included her in an attempt to secretly defend affirmative action policies (by using an exception to the rule thus pointing out to AA opponents that AA is not as a great as it seems).  But on the contrary, they would never dare profile a wealthy black with low test scores who gained admission everywhere because it would highly offensive to many of the Asians and whites who obsess over the college admissions game.