Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why are Asian American Christian Women Superior?

Evangelical Christianity is on the rise in Asian America.  The presence of Asian Americans in evangelical Christianity is especially noticeable at elite universities.  Campus Crusade for Christ at Yale is 90% Asian (link offers some credible explanations for why Asians love Jesus though the "racially hostile" atmosphere one is unlikely).  White bread evangelicals scanning the student activities listings are in for a surprise when they pick a ethnically-neutral organization such as Agape Campus Ministry only to find themselves smelling the aroma of Bulgogi and meeting all five Peter Wong's.  White Christians will find themselves in a quandary-does brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ supersede race and ethnicity?  Some will find acceptance and a home among the Asians while others will sour at the taste of kimchi and look elsewhere for to fulfill their spiritual needs.

The Jew blogger Half Sigma is fond of deriding evangelicals for their stupidity--but Asian evangelicals at elite universities are anything but stupid.  In fact, because they are held to higher standards when it comes to admissions, it is likely that Asians are the smartest race on campus.  I know many Asian evangelicals at good schools who are smart enough to maintain a 3.7+ GPA in engineering yet dumb enough to believe that Jesus really rolled himself out of the grave.

The vast majority of Asian Christians subscribe to a conservative evangelical theology even if they do not attend an evangelical Church.  Many Korean Americans belong to the leftist organization known as Politically Correct USA (PCUSA), but I have yet to meet one who is an adherent of liberal Christianity (of the Borg kind).  When is the last time you met an Asian Episcopalian?  That is what I figured.  I visited an Episcopal ministry on campus once and it was literally like attending a KKK meeting (not that I've ever been to one).  During my visit, I had the uncomfortable feeling that everyone there (though nice) was wondering why the hell I was even there.  I felt more comfortable at an MCC service despite being an ardent opponent of homosexuality (though I think the people congregation probably thought that I was gay like them and that was why I came to the service, so they were nice to me, uh maybe a little too nice).  Of course it gives me great to pleasure to know that the Episcopal ministry is probably self-flagellating themselves over their lack of diversity(which is unlikely to get any better) and bemoaning their dwindling numbers of khaki and polo wearing rich white kids who are lost to the paradise/hell of Greek Life.

Back to the point.  We know now that there exist large numbers of Asian American evangelical Christians (AAECs) on elite college campuses.  How this phenomenon came about is not of great concern to me.  But what is of interest to me is the potential that can be found in the female half of this particular demographic.  PUAs looking for quick lays will not find much here, but if you are looking for a good long-term mate prospect than an AAEC campus organization or Church is an excellent place to go.  Why are AAEC women superior?

  • Virginity.  Sociologist Mark Regnerus found that 84% of Asian-Americans teenagers who attend Church weekly are virgins.  The argument can be made that this demographics collective cherries are popped upon arrival at University leading to rarer incidence of virginity.  But wait!  This statistic includes both Orientals (who have greater sexual restraint and are more repressed) and dumber looser groups of people.  If we only look at Orientals, it is possible that the virginity rates could be much higher.  Then you have to take into account the fact that the Orientals who are smart enough to get into an elite school probably spent most of their high school lives studying and playing violin under their parents watchful eye so time for fooling around was scarce at best.  I would estimate virginity rates for single AAECs in college and post-college at somewhere between 875% and 90%, with higher figures at elite schools,  which is a great figure, considering how sexually liberal America is.  Yes, I do place a high value on virginity.  I am indifferent between a 6 virgin and an 8 non-virgin.  
  • Submissiveness.  Evangelical Christianity (more specifically, Southern Baptists) vouch for the complimentarian view of the sexes subordinating women to men.  Southern Baptists do the right thing by excluding women from leadership roles.  This is part of the reason why Evangelical Christianity is growing.  No one wants to go to a Church where the presiding Bishop is female and other male Bishops are actively sucking dick.  Conservative Christian values magnify the inherently submissive nature of AAEC women.  
  • Intelligence.  This is mostly applicable at elite schools.  Sure you can reproduce with the cute waitress at the Chinese restaurant you like to get your Chow Mein at but then your offspring stands a greater chance of not being able to follow in your footsteps.  Reproducing with smart women is preferable as it increases the likelihood of smart children.  Imagine a Harvard couple's children.  Not only are they likely to be smart, they get double legacy when they apply to Harvard (which cancels out the disadvantage of being Asian)!
  • Environment.  This is not so much related to AAEC women as it is to the competitive environment in which they are to be found.  Many AAEC men are timid omega losers who play Starcraft and put women on the pedestal because they think it is "the Christian thing to do" (not the Starcraft, but the pedestal).  They don't understand the best way to win is disrespect and respect, but even if they do take the pedestal off, most of them would look stupid so there is not much point to it.  A normal and decent looking guy with even a hint of game will have a diverse array of options to chose from.  
  • Beauty.  The Church has a bountiful supply of beauty.  
  • Conservative values.  AAEC women are unlikely to be radical male hating feminists though they may actually believe in the merits of diversity (who doesn't these days).  But most of them are socially conservative, which is a trait I find highly desirable.  They do not dress like whores, smoke like men, or prance around clubs drunkenly grinding.  This is sinful behavior that God frowns upon.   
This information is intended for the use of Asian men only.  I am firm believer in racial purity.  Despite what you may think, white males infected with yellow fever are NOT WELCOME to fish for women at AAEC congregations.  Yes, the omega Asians will be nice to you, but once the chick pouching begins, don't even think about challenging them in a game of Starcraft since I am sure that they will punish you there.  

The prior discussion applies mostly to the elite university setting but can be adapted with minor modifications to state universities or even the young professional world.  In any case, AAEC women are superior.  

DISCLAIMER.  I am not a Christian. I do go to Church because of the mating opportunities.  This makes me a sociopath :)

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  1. lol so basically your being critical cause Asian females are getting saved. Your also accountable for everything you hear with your own ears, so using Jesus as your 'fem ticket' is pretty lame and unwise tbh. Not to mention any real Christian female will see right through you. In all honesty I'm pretty sad at your story, simply because you hear the truth and are so close to it yet you close your ears to it and take the oh so typical "I'm over-educated and think I know everything" approach to reject your maker. Just hope you don't figure things out the hard way when it's too late. Many regards dude