Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make the Math SAT harder

Yan Shen, the pro-Asian nuisance who has made a name for himself over at Sailer's and Mangan's, believes that making the Math SAT more difficult will only serve to widen the Asian-white gap.  I agree.

The Math SAT is ridiculously easy.  I made a near-perfect score with little preparation and I wouldn't call myself much of a math whiz.  While I breezed through the Math SAT, I always struggled when it came to contests like the AMC.  My classmates whose performance was much higher on these tests (and there were a lot of them) had similar scores to mine on the SAT.

The vast majority (99.99%) of American primary and secondary schools do not provide students with an adequate mathematics education.  I believe that if whites were subjected to comparable levels of mathematics training then they would score much higher on the Math SAT.  However, this would take time away from socially productive activities such as Football, Baseball, and Cheerleading and turn whites into boring grinds with no personalities like Asians so it is probably not a good idea.  Just kidding, I really do believe that American schools can improve the quality of math education with more drilling.  Someone at education school needs to conduct a study to find out if extensive quantities of math drilling improves math test scores (if you know of such a study, please link!). They need it too, as math (and sciences as well, to a certain extent, provided you do not go to one of those Christian schools that liberals warn you about) is one subject that is relatively immune to the infiltration of political agendas.  What they teach as US History these days is painful to listen to.

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