Thursday, September 29, 2011

Abercrombie and Fitch Diversity Overkill

Ever since A/F was hit several years ago with a rash of lawsuits involving diversity, they have capitulated without a whimper to the diversity police.  But the extent to which they have "embraced diversity" is stunning and borderline comical in nature.  Better safe than sorry I suppose. Just look at all the handsome young POCs who work for us!  At least A/F hasn't embraced weight diversity, as far as I can tell.  I have yet to see a fat person working at A/F.  Maybe fat people don't apply to A/F at all because they think it will be impossible for them to get a job on the floor where they will be seen.  Some fat ugly multiracial transsexual person should apply to A/F and then file a lawsuit just to watch A/F cower in the face of the diversity police.


Since the start of the initiative, we have seen marked improvement in the diversity of our in-store staff. We continue to work at this and other aspects of our initiative, but here are a few key facts as of April 30th, 2010 that we are proud of.
  • Our in-store workforce, as a whole is 50.22% people of color
  • Our in-store models are 48.44% people of color
  • Our in-store managers-in-training are 41.04% people of color
In order to drive the initiative forward each and everyday, a number of our associates – at Home Office, across stores and in our Distribution Center – are actively involved in leading the work.
  • Executive Diversity Council – a leadership group mostly comprised of Senior Vice President’s and above from a cross-section of business units, including: Human Resources, Store Operations, Sourcing and our Swiss office are charged with providing support for the initiative company-wide.
  • Stores Diversity Council – a stores specific leadership group, comprised of District Managers and Recruiters are charged with auditing and implementing our initiative at the store level.
  • Distribution Center Diversity Council – a distribution center specific leadership group that is represented by Human Resource leaders and line managers and charged with implementing our strategy across our distribution facilities.
 I didn't know "people of color" made up 50% of America.  Pretty soon A/F will look like the post office. Perhaps A/F is already preparing for future demographic shifts?  I don't shop at A/F because it is overpriced and unfashionable.  In addition, the stench of perfume that emanates from every store is nauseating.  I was coming up from a subway station once when I identified the A/F smell and sure enough there was one 800 yards away.  I do, however, like to wear Hollister jeans (until they redesigned them this year with buttons instead of the zipper, BAD IDEA that I attribute to "increasing diversity").  The majority of my shopping is done at Uniqlo, which needs to stop doing the conservative Japan thing and start opening stores in all major US cities instead of concentrating efforts in NYC.  I just can't wear Uniqlo Jeans since they are clearly not intended for use by people with muscular legs.

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