Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Statistics Problem

A: East Asians are on average much smarter than blacks.

B: You are wrong and here is why.  Thomas Sowell is a very smart man and he is black.  If East Asians were in fact much smarter than blacks, then Thomas Sowell would be Asian, not black.  He looks very black to me.  The fact that Thomas Sowell is smart and black conclusively disproves the racist notion that East Asians are on average much smarter than blacks.

A: East Asians are on average less athletic than blacks.  (In my mind, a controversial statement, it depends on how we define athletic, but let's suppose athleticism equates to success in 100m and 110m hurdles, and even this is problematic, I don't know of any evidence suggesting the greater average athleticism of blacks, only their  much higher propensity for being on the far right of the 100m/110h bell curve).

B: Liu Xiang is a very 110m hurdler and he is Chinese.  If you were right, then Liu Xiang would have to be black.  He doesn't look black to me.

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