Monday, October 10, 2011

Emotional Intelligence and Logic

The Love blogger BigWowo, who has banned me from his site, yet continues to verbally assault me with his passive aggressive ways, opines about "EQ".  Though BigWowo seems to despise evangelical Christians, his opinions and tactics are deeply Calvinistic and evangelical in nature.  He wrote me to ask if I had "a hole in my heart that needed to be filled (or similar phrase, I can't quite remember)".  Evangelical Christians love to employ the trite "hole in heart" tactic and then offer Jesus as the solution.  BigWowo didn't offer me Jesus because he doesn't believe Jesus was the Son of God but does believe in biological racial equality.

BigWowo writes:

I would argue that this “ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions” is also predicated on the ability to experience a wide range of emotions. If you can’t empathize with people, it’s hard to know where they are coming from. If you have a narrow emotional range, it’s hard to communicate with people. And if you can’t control your flow of emotions, it’s hard to think logically when your adrenaline starts pumping and begins to affect the blood that goes to your brain. When it comes to succeeding in life, EQ is as important as IQ. Your ability to understand emotion, to feel emotion, and to conduct yourself in a way to communicate with others in an emotionally appropriateway is a huge determinant of your happiness, success, and journey.

We’ve had lots of discussions on this board with Asian Americans who follow HBD (Human Biodiversity) and PUA (Pickup Artistry). Both groups are full of intense emotion. But it’s mostly in a limited range–they feel fear, hatred, and anger–no love, sadness, happiness, or elation. It’s often hard to talk to them because they don’t see what normal people see. Their words are laced with fear, hatred, and anger, and often logic goes out the window because of that emotion. It’s usually the HBDers or PUAs who are the first to go outside of standard conventions of debate when emotion gets the best of them.

He bans people from making unsubstantiated comments on his site yet finds it entirely appropriate to declare in big bold letters, "When it comes to succeeding in life, EQ is as important as IQ".  I suppose this is an example of an unsubstantiated claim--but of course we must defer to Mr. Wong's supreme love in all issues involving emotion.   This is just Mr. Wong's opinion, but as we know now, his opinion is fact.  How about we empirically test this proposition?  Mr. Wong's anticipated response would be, "Some things in life aren't empirically verifiable, so you can never prove me wrong, because I have the moral high ground, therefore I win".

Human biodiversity (sociolobiology, evolutionary psychology, game, etc) is a logically consistent theory on human nature.  But is it logical to acknowledge HBD in the social context of 21st century America?  Of course not!  I don't see what "normal people see" because by acknowledging HBD in public and on this blog, I simply do not do as normal people do--normal people would recognize the high risks associated with taking such a position and refrain from doing so.  They are being logical by believing in illogical political, social, and biological frameworks, if that makes any sense.

I am devoted to the truth, however unpleasant that truth may be.  To take Mr. Wong to task, we may say that I have an emotional attachment to the truth.

I would just like to point out that when Mr. Wong first attacked my blog I thought he was a strapping young man around the age of 25 judging from the hysterical way he blogged.  To my amazement, I later discovered he was in fact, a family man nearing the age of 40.  Needless to say, Mr. Wong is very immature for his age.  I hope to God that when I am at that stage in life I will be more mature and have much better things to do than attack people on the internet.

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