Monday, October 3, 2011

A thought experiment

BIGWOWO: Given the lack of evidence, we have a moral responsibility to assume the biological equality of all races and base all laws on the assumption of complete biological equality.

Wong: I think there is strong evidence that supports the biological inequality of the races, especially with regards to intelligence (g).  I also think that we should assume inequality, according to the laws of probability.

BIGWOWO: I will never believe in the biological inequality of races unless you can provide me with evidence that is impossible to collect.  The assumption of equality is simply the American way. You lose Wong.

Wong: Fine.

BIGWOWO: And I think there are all kinds of intelligence.  For example, I think John Lennon, Johnny Cochran, Kurt Cobain, Picasso, are just as smart as the average MIT physics student even though they can't score as highly on a test.

Wong: So... what you're saying, well, let's take Michael Jordan and John Nash, are they equally intelligent?  

BIGWOWO (missing the point entirely and running off on a tangent): You are a racist for using that example because you don't know that Michael Jordan is not equal in intelligence to John Nash.  You picked Michael Jordan because you think black people are stupid and hate them.

Wong: That's not the point.  How do we empirically assess the equality in intelligence of John Lennon to an MIT student?  I'm discussing (g), not other "types" of intelligence.

BIGWOWO:  That's what makes my argument so convincing. We can't empirically prove the equality, so I can make this claim and you'll never be able to disprove it.  I'm such a great debater, my claims can never be defeated.

Wong(seeing the pointlessness of arguing with BIGWOWO): Stop being stupid.  Oh, by the way, (finds of a picture of BIGWOWO and family on the internet), I don't think your spouse is very attractive and neither are you.  THOUGHT EXPERIMENT.  

BIGWOWO: ROAR!  You are such a mean person Wong, regular people would never do such a thing.  You are only commenting on her because you know you've lost the debate.  You are a loser.  Besides, I think my wife is BEAUTIFUL and you know she is beautiful.  ROAR ROAR ROAR.  I am older than you and therefore wiser.  When you grow up you will have correct political beliefs like me.  ROAR ROAR ROAR.  I am banning you because we have different values.

Wong-the thought experiment was successful.  Notions of beauty and intelligence are fractious topics and most normal, loving human beings will come to the defense of their loved ones (or even just belonging to the same tribe) when accusations of a lack of beauty or a lack of brains are made, thus making it impossible for the majority of people to think rationally when discussing these topics as it applies to individuals or groups, at least in the public sphere.  Privately, of course, it's a much different story.

The fact that BIGWOWO defended his family is part of the paradox of humanity.  If he had simply scoffed at my comment, then it would have been a much different story.  Even the fat man in the fat couple will defend his fat significant other, or he is not a man.

I rest my case.

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