Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I don’t think HBDers actually believe in limits (to an extent) or question an individual’s capabilities, as most of their evidence is purely statistical. Genius black people and athletic Asian people exist, but they are many standard deviations from the norm. However, having an IQ of 70 is definitely a limit when it comes to understanding pure mathematics.

This is an example of a low-EQ HBDer being a bad person.  How could you give up on someone who has an IQ of 70?  Have you ever thought of how that individual came to have an IQ of 70?  If Albert Einstein grew up in terrible conditions in Africa without access to good sanitation and education, he would also have an IQ of 70.  An IQ of 70 is NOT a limit when it comes to understanding pure mathematics because IQ is highly malleable and therefore cannot be a limit.  By providing the correct stimulating environment, we can raise that IQ by more than 55 points and allow that individual to have a chance at understanding pure mathematics.  Anyone with enough EQ should be able to see this.  EQ, baby, EQ!  We are talking about humans here, not superheroes!!!  There is no evidence that genetic limits exist.  There is no evidence that we cannot turn someone with an base of IQ of 70 into a genius.  It has been done and will be done again.  After all, all babies start at IQ=0.  It is a matter of education, not genes.

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  1. I thought you were serious when I read the first sentence, but then I caught the sarcasm and LOL'd.