Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chinese Girl in the Ghetto

I read this book on the flight to Oakland.  It was shorter than I expected, but very good nonetheless.  Ying Ma claims to be "politically incorrect", but when compared to a mean person like myself, she is very politically correct.  Her book vividly depicts the life of a poor Chinese immigrant who grows up among ghetto blacks and Hispanics.  Unsurprisingly, NAMs in the ghetto are very racist and bully weak Chinese people because they can.    She rails incessantly against the brutal actions of the NAMs against Asians, but caves to the liberal narrative of race relations, as she appears to hold a racially motivated crimes to a higher standard.  I don't really get this.  If a black mugs an Oriental does it really matter if was racially motivated and does it make the crime even more heinous if race was a factor?   Ying Ma seems to believe so.  Though she tries very hard to make it sound like she has sympathy for NAMs in the hood, it is fairly obvious from the tone in the book that she holds NAMs in contempt.  It's not a surprise, most Chinese-Americans do, especially poor immigrants who have not been exposed to the wonders of multiculturalism.  I think her real uncensored thoughts on ghetto NAMs would go something like this.  "I hate lazy ass NAMs who mooch off welfare and sit around all day doing nothing and shooting each other.  So lucky to live in America yet waste it all away not taking advantage of good education.  Stupid fucks."  I think I probably have a more favorable view of NAMs than Ying Ma.  I didn't grow up among them and still romanticize them a bit while Ying Ma experienced them in real life and it was not pleasant.  

Note that this is not an acknowledgement of HBD.  Some people have offered the idea that many Chinese people accept HBD as truth.  I don't think this is the case at all.  Most Chinese people just think NAMs are lazy and stupid, but don't make the connection to genetics, and instead attribute the failure of NAMs to their own refusal to study hard.  Or they just hate blacks because they are black.

I enjoyed Ying Ma's book and encourage everyone to buy it.  She astutely points out the hypocrisy of racial discourse in the US, a discourse in which NAMs can be as racist as they like and not be called on it. One of the best parts was when she fights with a Mexican Ho and tells her, "Go Fuck yourself, you Mexican Ho".  More Asians should stand up for themselves like Ying Ma and tell NAMs who bully them to fuck themselves.  They should not cower in fear like the Philadelphia students and call the authorities.  This is weakness.  They should harden their fists, train in martial arts, and arm themselves to prove to NAMs that they are not to be messed with.  A good example to imitate would be the Chinese national team unleashing holy hell on the Georgetown black Hoyas.  

Another tangential issue I have with Ying Ma is that she has below-average looks.  A 3 at best.  BigWowo called me out for noticing this and says it is a violation of "universal morality" or whatever, but I am sure Ying Ma, being politically incorrect, understands why I must point this obvious fact out.  

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  1. I think that most Chinese - just like everyone else - don't really know enough about genetics to make those kinds of connections. It's a major intellectual failing (genetic perhaps?)that Chinese people seem to lack the ability to draw conclusions based upon data from subjects that they know little about.