Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Byron Wrong

Byron Wrong, AKA, BigWoWo, AKA Jaehwan (?), has been busy deriding HBD on his blog.  Is passive-aggressiveness more prominent in East Asians because of genetics or is it culture?

He claims that HBD bloggers and intellectuals lack emotional intelligence.
“Intellectuals should stop dreading the ever-increasing evidence of human biodiversity and start delighting in it.”
Why hasn’t this worked? Hmm. I mean, other than the fact that there’s no proof of HBD?
I remember him also writing something about pulling funds out of Africa because blacks weren’t smart enough to ever be independent. I’m not sure how he would know this. 
Going to the whole HBD thing, a person with a higher EQ might be able to see beyond a test score, might be able to realize that there are reasons why poor people in dangerous countries might not do as well on test scores. Culture is something that takes EQ to understand (very unsubstantiated declaration here). Plus, related to IR, he might realize that Asian women usually don’t go for buff White dudes–he would see this if he weren’t driven by emotions. (and yeah, they are emotions. Again, I’ll cover this in my final HBD post.)
That’s the thing with EQ. You often miss things if you don’t have it. It’s easy to say a person or group of people can’t do something. It’s much harder to find solutions, which require EQ as much as IQ (?).
So from my view, one cannot dismiss his ideas as low EQ thoughts or blinded by emotion on race. There’s a point in his ideas on that.
“This morning I saw Herman Cain on Squawk Box, and I thought, this guy sounds really stupid and low class. He would never have been promoted by Pillsbury to be the head of a pizza chain if he were white and he spoke like that. This is why it’s rather hypocritical of him to be telling those white Occupy Wall Street people that they are too lazy to get jobs. If any of them were black, they’d probably have no problem getting hired by some big corporation seeking diversity. ”
I don’t know if he’s blogging just to get a rise out of people, but you get what I’m saying. There’s lots of emotion there that causes some real human harm among the people who read his site regularly. Even some of his commenters (many of whom are racist) had to point out Herman Cain’s educational credentials.
The main thrust of his argument is that the only possible reason why anyone would consider such a thing as human neurological diversity as truth is because they are full of hate.  Therefore, a belief in HBD necessarily entails a low EQ.  For him, human biodiversity can never be true.  This is why it is pointless to argue with him, as I demonstrated with an experimental personal comment about his family, he fails to examine reality objectively, and instead relies on emotion.  Which is coincidentally why he would probably consider himself as someone who has high EQ.  From what I understand, what a high EQ means for Byron Wrong is simply a high consideration of other people's feelings.

What does this kind of worldview look like?  It means that anything that causes emotional harm to any group of human beings or individual can never be true, because a characteristic of truth is love.  Therefore a scientific claim like Satoshi Kanazawa's study that provided evidence behind the lesser attractiveness of black women is false on the basis of it being offensive to black women (his methodology was suspect, true, but this does not detract from my main point, no study has been done that I know of which demonstrates the equality of beauty across races).

And I don't see any problem with Half Sigma stating that Herman Cain sounds stupid and low-class.  Half Sigma, more than anyone, probably has done the research on Cain's credentials and probably came to the conclusion that Cain is pretty damn smart.  But the claim here is that he sounds stupid, not that he is stupid.  Cain is just much smarter than he looks/sound.  Is it really that offensive to note that Cain sounds stupid?

The idea of HBD causes human harm to NAMs, therefore it must be evil.

And why does Byron Wrong keep insisting that HBD people vouch for the inferiority of Asians?  If anything, they believe Asians to be superior.

My position on the whole IR deal, specifically in regards to the plight of Asian males, is that the American social structure gives white males higher status which leads to the IR disparity.  I feel that the majority of people are in general, only sexually attracted to those of the same race as themselves.  But on the very margins of interracial relationships, biological differences would give the edge to white males over Asian males.  Ideally, 90% of Asian Males would be married to Asian Females and about a 1/3 ratio with AF/WM having the advantage over AM/WF.  In my opinion, there is too much miscegenation going on these days...

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  1. Would you post a link to the website of the guy you are talking about? From what you've quoted, I think you are wrong that the main thrust of his argument is that people accept HBD and its ramifications because of emotions.

    Of course, this includes hatred, but there are other potential emotionally based responses such as fear, lack of empathy, lack of compassion, anger, or even some sense of needing to rectify a personal injustice suffered.

    We should all be concerned when people with high IQs seem to be unaware of their own emotional motivations for promoting science.