Friday, October 14, 2011

365 Black. Brutal beating at Manhattan Mcdonald's.

This is a great video.  I believe that the cashier did the right thing by beating up the unruly girls, even if he is going back to jail for a long time because of it.  What made them think they could hop behind the counter anyways?  They have now learned a good lesson about the importance of being polite to McDonald's employees who are the bottom of our social pyramid and have been oppressed by the McDonald's corporate structure.

I couldn't discern the race of the combatants, but some of the racist posters suggested that they were black.  I am very surprised.  I know all the racist pig white "HBD bloggers" are going to be all over this event by Monday (especially Half Sigma, since he is the NYC HBD blogger), but I will preempt them and mount an emotional defense of these black victims (they are all victims here).  This is an attempt to improve my "Emotional Intelligence", so bear with me.  Black people are peaceful and innocent-- this kind of violence is out of the ordinary.   While the violence was horrific, we shouldn't blame the black girls for jumping over the counter or the black employee for using the rod to discipline them.   Personal responsibility does not apply to black people. It is not their fault, but rather the fault of white people, who are responsible for the institutional racism that causes these black people to be angry and act like this in the first place.

Mcdonald's tries hard to fight racism with its black 365 program, but it hasn't prevented horrible things from happening at their restaurants whenever black people are around.  We can look back a few months and find the Baltimore Mcdonald's incident incident, when a transgendered thing was brutally assaulted.  In any case, maybe it is time for Mcdonald's to go back to Jim Crow days and refuse to serve and hire blacks?  Then maybe these incidents would stop.  Who knows.

This happened in Greenwich Village, not the ghetto!

The comments on the article are fascinating and very politically incorrect.  A lot of people agree with me and think that the bitches deserved it.  Here are some of the highlights.

Question: Whats the combined i.q. of the two ghetto chicks? Hint…its in the single digits.

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Those beoches deserved worse than that. WOW people freak out when others decide they aren’t going to let black people get away with attacking them. Hurray for the worker, he should be given an award.
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McDonald’s is getting more ghetto by the day. Who eats there besides the losers whose entire family lives off government assistance?
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 There are many other great comments, but I am not bored enough to read all of them.

All this talk about McDonald's is making me hungry.  I am going to get a Big Mac now.  Bye!  Please pray for my safety.

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  1. Rayon the guy who gave them the beatdown has been released without charge! Some juries still work.