Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yelp and Demographics

The average Yelp user is a female SWPL.

At 9%, African Americans are underrepresented on Yelp but not to the extent that I expected them to be.  Blacks on Yelp are probably more SWPL than ghetto.  It's hard to count on Yelp in the ghetto because there are so few reviews.  I've tried it before and the only review on "Wong's Ghetto Chinese Food" goes something like "Dat some good shit this here kung pao chicken be.  MmmmMMmmm."

At 15%, Asians are over-represented by a magnitude of 3.  This is not surprising given that Yelp is software developed in Asian America.  Asians love things that go beep.  This plus Asians genetic tendency to food review and take pictures of the food leads to Asian over-representation.

Yelp is a liberal forum.  Any conservative opinions are closely monitored and for the most part not tolerated.  Don't even think of voicing an opinion about immigration as Yelpers are dedicated towards a lenient policy so that "ethnic food" options will increase.

Yelpers hate non-hip chain restaurants and will bash them every chance they get.  The positive is that Yelpers have much better taste buds than boring old white middle America who prefer Orange Chicken over Ethiopian raw beef.

Unfortunately, I was banned from Yelp for repetitive violation of the code of conduct, even though I had written numerous popular reviews and was part of the Yelp Elite.  It sure is funny how 20 people can find a review "funny" and then all of a sudden it will be flagged by someone who is offended by my writing and then taken down by the administration.  Is it really that offensive to note that the Asian fusion restaurant that everyone is in love with is full of a certain type of white person when the same offended will go on to write a review about how "authentic" a restaurant was because all the other patrons were ethnic?  Campaigns against SWPLs are not taken kindly by SWPLs.

I suppose I also did cross the invisible line when I slammed the clientele at AYCE buffets for being too fucking fat.  But I think people deserve to know the truth.  Eating huge portions of disgusting food is made worse when you are surrounded by disgusting people engorging themselves without a care in the world.

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