Sunday, April 22, 2012

Women in Military

Get raped.   And raped some more.    It doesn't even matter if you're attending one of three prestigious military academies, where supposedly the cadets (minus athletes) have high IQ and strong character, you'll be under consistent threat of sexual assault.

Remind me again why we have women in the military?  What good does this do for anyone?  Is America's military "stronger" because it includes women?  Is there any evidence for this?

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  1. ***Is there any evidence for this?***

    Hahaha. I think it comes back to Auster's theory that the central tenet of modern liberalism is "non-discrimination". Whether women strengthen or weaken the military isn't relevant. Whether it's good for the women who join isn't relevant. It would be discriminatory if they weren't allowed to join, so they have to be there.