Thursday, May 3, 2012

Asians and Appreciation of Nature

Larry Auster is hosting an interesting debate on Asian assimilation on his blog.  One of the issues that has come up is the lack of appreciation that Asians have for nature.  I think this is a valid point that is certainly backed up by my personal experience.  There are certain majestically wonderful natural spots such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge that are popular with white travelers but don't have nearly the same kind of appeal with Oriental tourists.  Asians tend to travel to natural wonders in large groups by bus and avoid any strenuous activities.  Once safely at the destination, they will take pictures to prove that they have "been there" and then they will leave to go do things that they are far more interested in, namely shopping.  Asians love shopping.

These stereotypes apply more to middle to upper class Asians from Asia who live in big cities more than anything else, but I have found that Asian-Americans have acquired some of the same tendencies as well.  Rather than hike or bike to the top of a mountain, they will drive to the top, take pictures, and drive down.  Boring!  Go to cities, stop by the natural places, shop, shop, shop.  The Japanese are an exception in that there are some who assume the western mindset and travel to enjoy nature.

I am not sure if this is some big genetic difference between whites and Asians in this respect or this is simply a result of cultural expectations.  It is certainly not as a big of a deal as some of the commentators on VFR think it is.  To me, it's just a curious difference that might deserve some further research on.

Personally, I am a huge nature fan (I almost have to be since the industry I work in is centered around it), but I'm probably an exception.

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  1. In China you have dense forest with rabies, mosquitos, venomous snakes. Hardly the place to take the family for a relaxing day out.