Friday, May 4, 2012

Chen Guang Cheng, Criminal

The whole situation has been a disaster.  China's sovereignty has been grossly violated by the USG who continue to act as the worlds supreme arbiter of justice under the laughable guise of "human rights".  The correct action would have been to simply ignore Chen's pleas and let China deal with him internally.  But oh no, big bad Hilary Clinton and her gang just HAD to intervene and rescue the guy.  The Chinese state did the requisite whining of displeasure, but in the end bowed down to the demands of the USG.

If China really wants to compete with the US in the global political environment, it has to learn when to say NO.  Otherwise, it'll be non-stop kowtowing until who knows when.  Talk about losing face.


  1. China doesn't have the capability to compete with US in the current stage of the world, no matter politically or militarily.
    The question is why did US admit Chen in the first place?

  2. Hey guys, why don't you support him? He is like Lei Feng: doing his best for the people around him. US is helping one good guy, they get the benefit from this. Well, I would have prefer saint Wen Jiabao to go and free him in the first place but he didn't move his ass!

    Seriously, the guy wasn't even into jail, just locked away from the public. How come he is to be considered as a criminal?

    Imagine Lei Feng going into exile to the US because he is locked away while trying to help poor people? But this was a long time ago, and he was backed properly. Who is going to raise again local despotes? Poor Mao...

    Did Chen do something illegal but protect the baixing from the despotic rulers of the countryside? Maybe you never went there or live in a more civilized province, you can't imagine... I'm from Shandong, jinxiang. Gvt there is far worse than the civil servant from Beijing (where corruption happens behind the curtain, not in public !).

    Once again some dudes only cares about face and what people are going to say about their country. We don't want outsider to give us advice about how to rule this country, who likes it? But but when it is a good one, we should take it!

    But to my regret, most didn't move an inch since ahQ Zhengzhuan was written! Remember Lu Xun when he said chinese will never be free if they don't free themselves from the cult of face, money, power, abusing it and bullying underlings.

    Chan GuangCheng was free of those old values. He acted for free, and gained nothing in return, he didn't tried to please the people he didn't like. A true confucean, at least!

  3. OT, I see Unqualified Reservations appears to have a new post up on the side bar, but when you click the page doesn't exist. Frustrating as it looks like an interesting topic.

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