Monday, April 2, 2012

Oikos University and Loser Shooter

First it was SHC at VT, now it's another yet to identified AM (more specifically, Korean) shooting up colleges.

There must be some strange Korean gene that causes this kind of tragic behavior.

According to multiple news sources, the shooter was a large 40 year old former nursing student.   I had never heard of Oikos University before until today and was intrigued because it was a Christian school that offered a program in...Oriental Medicine.  I had to know more!  The wikipedia page was disappointingly sparse, so I had to go elsewhere.   Huffington Post has the details on "Oikos University".    In short, Oikos was founded by Korean Church People (KCP) around 10 years ago,and it is a Christian fundamentalist Korean-American school.  I didn't even know these kinds of schools existed until today.  I'm thinking it is like a Bob Jones U for Koreans, but with a eastern orientation, white Christians think Oriental Medicine is THE DEVIL. It is definitely not a school where successful Korean people go (they go to school further north, at Berkeley), but most likely a place where Korean failures and losers congregate.  Unfortunately, there are some people who live in bubbles where all Asian-Americans are doing well, but please be remember that there are dumb Asians too who do stupid things.

So our shooter was most likely a loser.  40 years old is old for a college student.  Males studying nursing are very uncommon.  These two things, plus the bogus status of the University, makes me very sure that our shooter was a loser.  Someone who did not fit into society and acted out in rage.  It's a tragedy.

No word yet on the religious background of our shooter, but recall that SHC was also raised in a Christian environment.  Is there something toxic about Korean Christianity?

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