Monday, April 16, 2012

Girls on HBO

You can watch it here.  Thanks to Tyler Cowen over at Marginal Revolution for the tip.

I found the show bizarre yet insightful.  *Spoiler Alert*  The most disgusting part was the weird doggy style between Hannah and carpenter dude.

Here are of couple of assorted thoughts on the first episode.

  1. SWPL comes into mind immediately when watching this show.  Pursuing your passion, smart water, English major, Manhattan, writing a book, traveling to Europe, unpaid internships, acting, play writing, Apple products, etc, etc, etc!  And everyone on the show is white, so far, at least.  HBO did a fantastic job with The Wire which was about black people, can they do the same with a series about white people?  
  2. Marnie, the hot chick, doesn't like her boyfriend because "he's too nice".  The boyfriend is really nice.  Has Apatow been reading Heartiste?  
  3. The backdrop to the doggy style sex scene was a classic.  I think it accurately portrayed the hipster/SWPL lifestyle.  The vintage bike was especially neat.  
  4. The girls all hate each other.  This was actually a surprisingly accurate description of the nature of female "friendship".  Pretending to be nice to each other on the surface yet gossiping and hating furiously in private.  
Overall, I think the show did a fine job in terms of social criticism--though criticism may not be the best term to describe it.  It might be something more like "exploring the issues" and refraining from judgement.  But what market does this show appeal to? You have to have some understanding or connection to SWPL culture otherwise the show makes no sense.  And will SWPLs be offended by the show?  

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  1. No they (we) will love it because it is about them (us).