Friday, December 9, 2011

SAT scores!

Steve Hsu has some interesting data on the SAT and first year GPA with regards to Asians.

A few of my thoughts on the SAT.  The ceiling on the math SAT is too low, especially for the East-Asian demographic.  It is interesting to note that an 800 score is 96th percentile for Asians (including inferior Asians) which suggests that a perfect score would be...what 90th percentile or something like that for superior Asians East Asians.  I had the same (or similar) score on the math SAT as some of my peers who possessed much superior mathematical ability.  If you were to judge our quantitative skills solely on the basis of the SAT, you would think we were equally superior.  But when we took the AMC exams, they could answer twice the number of questions that I could.  I always died somewhere around the 10th question.

I think the ETS should make the math SAT harder.

I also think that college GPA is complicated.  Many students will simply search for the easiest classes to maximize GPA, hence the development of companies like MyEdu.  Your GPA might be higher simply because you were lucky enough to get into the biology class with the awesome Professor Gay and not be stuck with Professor Wang.

College is vastly overrated.

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  1. Some calculus questions on the SAT would be reasonable enough.

    My high SAT scores unfortunately had no correlation with college performance, but then again I have little to no motivation nor do I seek to inflate my GPA in any way.

    It's interesting to note that NAM performance is overpredicted across the board.