Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I Oppose Asian-American Basketball Leagues

Read the article over at ESPN.  Greater attention has been given to these leagues ever since the emergence of Jeremy Lin.  I've known plenty of people who play in these leagues but have never participated in one.  They even have a national championship every year.

The leagues usually have rules that require players to be at least a certain percentage Asian or have a certain number of Asians on their team.  There are usually more than a few mudbloods playing.  If I were to form a league I would ask for pure blooded Asians only since I am a Slytherin and really like the idea of pure blood.

Do black people play in all-black basketball leagues?  Of course they do, it happens all the time in the ghetto, except I've never seen them explicitly advertise as blacks only.  That would be like the Vulcan Society!  White people would probably not want to play anyways since they are afraid of being shot by a ghetto violent black person.

Do white people play in all-white basketball leagues?  Well, they tried/are trying to form one, but of course it's all very controversial because of the issue of racism.  History tells us that it was very mean of white people to do such things like place signs on pools reading "whites only".  That's called discrimination and it is bad.  Glory road fixed this injustice and black people took over basketball.

The moral of the story is that white people should never be allowed to make things "whites only" because the last time they did it, it hurt minorities feelings and violated the principles of social justice.  The NAACP was furious that white people would even try to form their own exclusive basketball league, but why aren't they similarly upset at the numerous Asian leagues that operate in the US?  I can only speculate.

"Asians Only"=Great Story.  "Blacks Only"=OK.  "Whites Only"=RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!

Social justice indeed.

I find the whole notion of Asian basketball leagues rather silly.  My suspicion is that Asians play in these leagues because they would rather avoid competing with blacks and whites.  I feel some Asians are scared of playing blacks and are more comfortable playing against less-aggressive Asians.  After all, who knows if the black person will go Ron Artest  Metta World Peace on you?

The level of competition is markedly lower in Asian basketball leagues because the players are shorter and less athletic.  Asian-American basketball leagues are actually harmful to the development of talent.  To become a better player, one needs to play against superior competition, and Asian-American basketball leagues do not fit the bill.  Asians need to play against blacks (and whites) instead of insulating themselves like this.

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  1. My thoughts are, being a member of those leagues throughout my childhood is yeah you're right the leagues are a platform so asians can be more competitive playing against other asians and the idea behind the discriminatory requirement to be a participant is a given notion that yes blacks would be more athletic and just an overall physical advantage if asians played. Fact is I played both, and found it funny how the Asian high school players who grew up in organized leagues are beating the high school teams consisting of players just by team experience. Another point too, if us Asians played in the same leagues do you think the black players would end up throwing us the ball or picking us on the league teams if we couldn't match up with them? So in the end the Asian leagues would be forced naturally, and thus the reason these leagues stand unless you rather establish a ridiculous rule that enforces the ball to be passed to a people of 3 different ethnicities before a shot goes up? No right. At the end it just makes sense to think about why something like this isn't a bigger issue and shut your mouth.